Evaporative Air Coolers vs Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners

October 1, 2020 0 Comments news
Evaporative Air Coolers vs Heat Pumps? There has been talk about the effectiveness of evaporative coolers for quite some time however, this form of cooling does not suit New Zealand conditions for several reasons. Firstly, we need to understand how evaporative cooling works. An evaporative cooler is a fan that blows out cool, damp air by sucking in warm air, passing it over water-soaked pads, and blowing it back into the room. This is great in hot dry climates and conditions, but not great in damp New Zealand conditions. By adding moisture to the air this is creating the perfect conditions for mold. To read more about this please see stuff.co.nz On the other hand, heat pumps and air conditioners introduce fresh, clean, filtered air into your home. Heat pumps and air conditioners can also remove excess moisture from your home leaving it dry and comfortable. Heat pumps and air conditioners also offer cheaper operating cost when operated correctly and this is the difference between Evaporative Air Coolers vs Heat Pumps. If you need a heat pump or air conditioner installed call oxygen air today on 0800 85 40 85 or visit our heat pump specials page to see our great deals. Recognised by top reviews as one of the top heat pump and air conditioning installation specialist in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.