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In short, no! In New Zealand, we call them heat pumps, whereas other countries call them air conditioners. Heat pumps and air conditioners are the same thing! They use technology to cool and heat any space you desire – making it a versatile option for year-round climate control.

There are several factors to consider when determining what capacity heat pump you should buy. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  1. Size of the space

The size of the space to be heated and cooled is an important factor in determining the heat pump’s capacity. The larger the space, the larger the capacity heat pump that will be required to adequately heat and cool it.

2. Climate

The climate in which the heat pump will be used is another important consideration. In areas with colder temperatures, a heat pump with a higher capacity will be required to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures during the winter months.

3. Energy efficiency

Choosing a heat pump with high energy efficiency ratings is important to help lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact. A higher-capacity heat pump may have lower efficiency ratings, so it is important to balance capacity with efficiency.

Generally, it is best to consult with professional heat pump installers like our team at Oxygen Air to determine the appropriate capacity heat pump for a specific space. 

We’ll take into account all the relevant factors and recommend the best solution for your needs. This service is absolutely free!

Yes, they are, but it is still very important we visit your property to ensure complete compliance.

A ducted system (central heating) is an excellent solution for heating or cooling the whole house for ultimate comfort. You can easily control the climate of your home or business with the touch of a button.

A ducted cooling and heating system circulates warm or cooled air throughout your home through discreetly placed vents. The air conditioning unit is put in your roof cavity or underfloor space and connected to each room in your house through discreet ducting, making it suitable for installation in both new and existing homes. Air enters each area through one or more discreet grills or diffusers (vents), allowing you to maintain your ideal temperatures.

There are multiple benefits to ducted air conditioners and ducted heat pump systems. 

A ducted system is a great way to cut costs on your electricity bills because you get to control the rooms you heat or cool in your home. Another bonus is you won’t have to worry about bulky heat pump units within your home since each unit is installed within the roof or underfloor cavity. There’s no need to worry about any noises – a ducted system is exceptionally quiet.

Like cars need regular maintenance service every 12 months, so does any HVAC unit. Ducted systems in both homes and businesses ideally require annual maintenance to function at peak efficiency. The ducts in your home should be cleaned and maintained annually, at the very least.

More popular and affordable than ever, a central or ducted heat pump solution in your home or commercial building is the bee’s knees! Heating and cooling your home or office has never been easier or more comfortable. Our dedicated ducted heat pump specialists are in Auckland, Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and Rotorua. We will ensure you can warm or cool your home or office with a touch of a button to provide comfort for your family or staff all year round.

Central/ducted systems can be installed during the construction of your home or building or retrofitted, provided there is sufficient space in the roof or underfloor. Running costs of your ducted heating/cooling system are amongst the lowest compared to other heating options. 

Light commercial air conditioning systems are made for small to medium-sized commercial spaces. This type of air conditioner is typically used in retail stores, small offices, restaurants and other similar spaces.

The cost of light commercial air conditioning depends on several factors. Factors such as size, the commercial space’s layout and the installation’s complexity. 

If you want an accurate cost estimate, get a free quote here.

Yes, light commercial air conditioning systems are designed to provide both heating and cooling. This helps maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor climate throughout any season of the year.

Light commercial and residential air conditioning systems have some essential differences, including cooling capacity, scaling, code and regulation compliance, and maintenance.

To determine the specific requirements and appropriate system selection for your light commercial space, talk to our team at Oxygen Air.

Yes, heat pumps are generally considered energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another rather than generating heat directly. In heating mode, they extract heat from the outside air and transfer it into the indoor space. In cooling mode, the process is reversed, and they extract heat from the indoor space and release it outside.

Heat pumps require regular maintenance for several reasons; this includes maintaining optimal performance, durability and longevity. It’s recommended to have a professional technician to service your heat pump annually.

Installing a heat pump is a complex task that typically requires professional expertise. Heat pump installation involves various technical aspects, which can be challenging for someone without knowledge and experience. 

While DIY installation may seem like a cost-saving option, it can lead to safety risks, legal complications, and potential problems. Hiring a qualified HVAC professional who can ensure a proper, safe installation and comply with local regulations is highly recommended.

Yes, of course. Our trained professionals will ensure the heat pump installation complies with the Healthy Homes Standards.

The lifespan of an air conditioner depends on many factors, such as the quality of the unit, usage, maintenance and environmental conditions. However, a well-maintained air conditioner can last up to 10 to 15 years or even longer with proper care.

Regular maintenance is recommended to prolong your air conditioner’s life. This includes cleaning the coils and replacing the air filters.

Yes, you can use your air conditioner for heating in winter.

They don’t need to be changed at all! However, you should check and clean the filters regularly.  Check your user manual or seek guidance from professional technicians like our team at Oxygen Air for recommendations.

Heat pumps require regular maintenance for many reasons, including optimal performance, durability and longevity. It’s recommended to have a professional technician service your heat pump annually.


Tims Family
Tims Family
The Oxygen Air team have just installed a Fujitsu ducted system in our home and the experience was excellent. Chris came around to quote us and was very patient and well informed, answering all of our questions and giving us a very competitive price. Sophie in the office was always friendly and pleasant to deal with. Jeremy the engineer came to measure everything up and was also friendly and efficient. Then a team lead by Sandeep from Hamilton traveled all the way to my Auckland home on installation day. Sandeep was very professional and approachable. He explained everything very well as to the installation procedure and his team carried out the job efficiently with minimal mess. It was very impressive. Thank you to Anil, Sandeep, Rav, Peni and Domino for doing such a great installation job. We are very happy with our ducted system!
Gary Pearce
Gary Pearce
Very discreet and clean install of my Fujitsu heat pump, price was terrific too. No complaints whatsoever!
Saphia Thach
Saphia Thach
We had a very good experience with them. Competitive pricing and professional and friendly service. Highly recommended.
Matt Murray
Matt Murray
The team at Oxygen Air did an awesome job at installing our heat pump. The installation was really clean and really well done. We love our heat pump.
dennis wong
dennis wong
Thank you Chris and the teams hard work. very on to it and always arrive on time
Conell Augustine
Conell Augustine
Great service. Second time I’ve used them for a heat pump so would recommend.
Tye Tahuriorangi
Tye Tahuriorangi
We had a ducted heat pump system recently installed. Awesome job done by the team - Alex, Amrit, Anil & Jesse (& the sparky) from the Tauranga & Hamilton Branches. The price was good, and the team were professional to deal with. Thanks again.
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson
Awesome experience having a ducted system installed by Oxygen Air. Everyone I dealt with were extremely friendly and professional, from the initial contact with the customer service team, the sales guys and also the fantastic team of installers who tidied up well afterwards and even went the extra mile to fill in holes left by the HRV system being removed. Couldn't be more happy with the whole process, great company to deal with.
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