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How cost effective is a heat pump compared to other heating and cooling solutions?

There is no comparison! heat pumps are incredibly cheap to run especially compared to oil and fan heaters.

What does ‘back to back’ mean?

Back to back means that the heat pump is installed ‘back to back’. I.e. the indoor unit is on the same wall as the outdoor unit and is close to a power source.

Does my heat pump need to be installed on an outside wall?

No not necessarily but it’s usually better (and cheaper) to do so.

Heat pump won’t switch on?

Check isolating switch is on (located close to outdoor unit)
Check batteries in remote
Check fuses/switches

Heat pump won’t heat or cool?

Check correct mode on remote control or control panel
Switch isolating switch off for 5 minutes (located close to outdoor unit) and try again
In winter it can take time for heat pumps to defrost – this can take up to 20 minutes before heating starts again

Water is running from the outdoor unit?

This is normal condensation and is nothing to worry about.

Is there a difference between a heat pump and air conditioner?

The short answer is no! In other countries ‘heat pumps’ are generally referred to as air conditioners. In New Zealand we usually call them heat pumps.

What capacity heat pump should I look at buying?

A number of factors such as location, insulation and heat loads can determine the heat pump capacity you will need to effectively heat/cool any given space in your home of office.
Because heat pumps come in many different shapes and sizes it is highly recommended that one of our trained consultants work out the right solution for you. This service is absolutely free!

Are your heat pumps compliant with the new Healthy Homes Standards?

Yes, they are but it is still very important we visit your property to ensure complete compliance.

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